Teknofibra products

Teknofibra products

Teknofibra® materials have been widely used in competitive sports for many years. Heat shields protect the most delicate parts of vehicles by keeping temperatures low under high thermal loads.

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TEKNOFIBRA® products


Teknofibra® mats thermally insulate the currently necessary electronic components, maintaining their optimal operation in every situation. Thanks to its unique features in the market, Teknofibra® is now an integral part of many of the vehicles of the most successful teams across the racing car and supercar sector. Close cooperation with the most prestigious brands has led the production technology to compete at an absolute level of excellence in every corner of the world. From Formula 1 to Formula Indy, Nascar, Super Cars, Rally and more. TEKNOFIBRA® contribute to the creation of winning cars and new sports records. Why are Teknofibra mats the best solutions for aviation? In airplanes during a standard flight, an unquestionable advantage is the lack of influence of the temperature from the engine compartment on the comfort of the pilot. Mats allow to increase the safety of the pilot and increase the ability to control the ship in the event of a sudden fire. The mats protect very well against noise from the engine compartment. The mineral origin of the materials ensures the absence of toxic fumes when the mat is exposed to direct fire. The mats are up to 75% lighter than the competition mats, while maintaining the same parameters!

The TEKNOFIBRA brand has long been a leader in the field of research into thermal and acoustic problems of light aircraft.

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